New Cure for mesothelioma in 2020

New Cure for mesothelioma in 2020

In this article, we will discuss what is mesothelioma, an overview and how government is tackling the disease. We will find out about the new cure for mesothelioma, thanks to advancement of the technology and science.

So what is mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is kind of cancer that develops over time and can be fatal. It is kind of sheet/thin layer that are over the organs of the body. It basically covers the outer layer of the organs. Mesothelioma can be linked to asbestos exposure. If someone gets malignant mesothelioma, according to American Thoracic Society, can die within 12 months of first signs of illness. However, it is rare to get mesothelioma if you are under 45 year. The average age of diseased person is above 65 years old. So it increases with age.

So is there any new cure for the mesothelioma now? As aggressive cancer as it is, till now there is no cure for it unfortunately, but currently, researchers have gone to extent to develop new diagnostic methods and other treatments for cure, which can hopefully lead to proper cure. Researchers are also working hard to improve new methods for diagnostic. So why is that? Why there is no cure for it ?

Same as AIDS, mesothelioma have very prolonged period and very vague symptoms, it is hard to cure and diagnose.

Mesothelioma is rare disease so it is very often has limited studied. It is very difficult to treat and find cure, however, researchers have concluded that if in clinical trials, we find in which stage the patient is, then the course of action/treatment can be best advised and patients can be served better with best treatment available.

So while discussing hopeful and optimistic treatments, it is worth mentioning that these are only applicable to patients in clinical trials as it is known to researchers what is happening. The promising factor is that diagnostic is more advanced due to technology so it makes researchers able to detect mesothelioma in early stages. This helps in prolonging the life expectancies of patients with different treatments available today. So there is hope.

While there are traditional therapies available such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there is new hope as researchers are testing new therapies to find the cure. They are emerging treatments, and may be soon able to treat mesothelioma completely.

New treatments are promising, these are gene therapy, immunotherapy, Keytruda and more ever cancer vaccines. These vaccines might be able to eliminate disease. We will discuss these in greater details.


This is modifying genes and able to get them to kills the cancer. This will help in differentiating between good cells and bad cells(cancer cells). This will enable body to detect and find the cancer vaccines.



Cancer Vaccines:

This treatment is hoped to get immune system into working and allow them to attack the cancer cells. The process is just as simple as gene therapy but in this, immune cells of the patients are removed/taken from the blood, and then taken into the lab to treat with tumor cells. These are then given to patients in hope for the patients immune system to react to cancer cells and attack them and kill them. Some other cancer vaccines carry special type of protein that only helps them from growing. This approach is hope for the new cure for mesothelioma, and soon it will have promising future.


Keytruda is inhibitor, kind of immune blocklist checkpoint , that blocks the PD-1/PD-L1 gene path way. This will help the immune system to detect and kill the cancer cells. This drug is also approved from FDA for only in -Non-Small cell lung cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and melanoma. This drug is not approved but it is showing success in clinical trials.

Gene Therapy: It is more advanced technique. In this, modified genes that are already curated in the labs are injected into the effected cells of mesothelioma patients and expect cells to kill cancer cells more quickly. It carries genes that help immune system and advised them to kill the cancer cells. Gene therapy process is simple and quick. What it does is that, Viruses are taken from the lab, then they are injected into the pleural space and allow them to manifest and infect the mesothelioma cancer cells. After getting infected with the outsider virus specially made for mesothelioma cell, that moment virus inject this gene into the cancer cells. This allows the gene to help the patients immune system to act and kill cancer cells.



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